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Yvcipedia Provided by Your Yarmouth Veterinarian

Yvcipedia, Yarmouth Veterinarian, Pets, Dog, Cat, reptiles, Fish, RodentsYvcipedia is your veterinarian provided source for accurate pet information. Our veterinarians in Yarmouth understand that when you have a question about your pet's behavior or health, you want information that is accurate and helpful. This is why we have created an information database for pet owners with dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, ferrets, rodents and pocket pets.


Common pet birds include parrots, canaries, finches, cockatiels and parakeets, and as a bird owner, you want your bird to remain healthy and have a comfortable life. Our articles can help you encouraging foraging behavior and teach you about your bird's lifestyle s well as common bird ailments and parasites. We even have articles on how to properly raise chickens in Cumberland and Pownal, ME as well as the surrounding communities.

Cat and Dog Veterinary Information

There is a plethora of information on the Internet about dogs and cats, their behaviors and signs and symptoms of common ailments. Unfortunately, there is just as much misinformation as there are good sites. To ensure that you are getting veterinarian approved information, we recommend viewing our veterinary information database. We have articles on common dog and cat behaviors, how to correct bad behaviors and the signs and symptoms of the most common ailments in dogs and cats, including external and internal parasites, certain skin disorders and dental diseases.


Ferrets make great household pets, but like cats and dogs, they need attention and wellness care. Our informational articles will teach you how to keep your pet ferret healthy and happy and which vaccines you should give your ferret.

Proper Fish Care Information from our Veterinarians

Fish are beautiful, calming to look at and make good low-maintenance pets. The articles from our veterinarians can teach you the proper way to clean your tank or bowl, how to properly feed your fish and how to prevent common fish ailments.


Bringing a new pet rabbit home is an exciting time. Our articles on pet rabbits will teach you how to introduce your bunny to other household pets and family members, keep fur mats out of your rabbit's hair and teach you how to feed your rabbit and prevent dental decay and disease.


Common pet reptiles include breaded dragons and geckos. Our articles will teach you how to properly feed and care for your pet lizards, how to prevent dental disease and what to do in the event your pet lizard develops external parasites.

Rodents and Other Small Animals

Learn how to properly care for your guinea pig, mouse, rat or other pocket pet with our helpful and informational articles. We will teach you about common sinus problems, parasites, proper nutrition and how to care for your new small pet.

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