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Dental Check-in and Consent



PRE-ANESTHETIC BLOOD PROFILE: We strongly recommend a blood profile prior to anesthesia and dentistry. This profile works as an extension of our physical exam, providing us with valuable information about your pet's "inner workings". It also serves as a baseline for comparison if your pet should need future diagnostics.

ADDITIONAL PROCEDURES: Take advantage of your pet's visit with us to have additional services, such as annual exam, vaccines, microchipping, nail trim, etc. If it is safely possible, we will combine multiple treatments requiring anesthesia into one session.


ADMISSION: Your pet should be dropped off between 7:30 and 8:30 on the morning of the dental procedure. Water and a half-sized breakfast are fine prior to coming in unless we have instructed you otherwise.

DISCHARGE: We make every effort to reunite you with your pet as soon as possible. For safety we must keep your pet hospitalized for a few hours while it recovers from anesthesia. Most pets are discharged between 4 and 6 pm.


GENERAL ANESTHESIA IS NECESSARY for us to do a professional dental cleaning and also for us to do a thorough dental exam on even the most cooperative patient. The results of your pet's anesthetized exam might be very different from the results of the awake exam.

YOUR ESTIMATE IS BASED ON THE AWAKE EXAM. If the anesthetized exam is significantly different from the awake exam then we will need to revise the estimate. Since your pet will be asleep at the time, we ask you to choose one of these three options at the time of check-in:

Option 1: "Do everything necessary regardless of cost. You do not have to call me for approval to procede."

Option 2: "Do everything up to the upper level of my estimate. If costs will exceed this upper level please call me before proceding."

Option 3 "Do only the professional cleaning and exam. Call me before proceding further with any additional work."

IF WE NEED TO CALL YOU, WE WILL MAKE ONE ATTEMPT and your pet will be anesthetized at the time. If we do not reach you, your pet will be recovered from anesthesia and the remaining work will be completed at another time. We will not procede with any work that you have not authorized.

WE WILL MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT TO COMPLETE THE APPROVED WORK UNDER TODAY'S ANESTHESIA. Infrequently, however, we have to stage the work into two or more procedures for patient safety or technical reasons. You will not be charged for any uncompleted work. Today's estimate and costs cover only today's procedure and no future procedures.


GENERAL CONSENT: I understand that there are risks with every aspect of a dental procedure and I release YVC from all liability in the absence of gross negligence.

ESTIMATE AND PAYMENT: I have received or waived an estimate for today's procedure. I have chosen one of the three options for how I want the doctor to procede after the anesthetized exam. I understand that payment in full is expected when my pet is discharged to me.

HOSPITALIZATION: I understand that YVC is staffed from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday and, with intermittent breaks, from 8am to 6pm on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, and that there are no staff members routinely present at other times.

EMERGENCIES: I authorize emergency treatment of my pet and I accept financial responsibility for this care. I have specified any particular details of this care, such as a do-not-resuscitate order, in the space below.

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